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A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set
A90 Buddy Set

A90 Buddy Set

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For friends, family and clients (timely limited offer!)

Package includes: 2x Angles90 grip pairs (4 handles + 4 straps)

Less joint stress
>> More natural grip positions  

New muscle stimuli
>> More range of motion (ROM)

 More functional training
>> More body tension required

Most gym equipment offers straight, flat bars only. Our body, however, is not made to move weights out of rigid angles - at least according to numerous studies and the best coaches on this planet.

From a biomechanical perspective, our arms should rather be moving freely during a movement in order to alleviate pressure from wrists, elbows and shoulders. Especially at pull movements the problem becomes clear: Lat pull-downs, pull-ups, deadlifts and barbell/machine rows oftentimes provide limited grip options - unlike in cases of chest or shoulder exercises.

Let's say a dumbbell press: There you intuitively chose a range of motion that feels most comfortable on your joints and that squeezes your target muscle most effectively.

“So why not use such a natural range of motion at all exercises?!” our Italian startup thought back in 2017. Until today, we have solved this problem for 40 thousand clients by offering a handle that adapts to them and not the opposite.

Ergo & Power Method

The unique and patented handle design allows for different grip methods. Most clients use the ergo method for medium to high reps. The power method, instead, gets favored for lower reps/high weights.

Adjustable Strap Length

You will experience not only a more natural range of motion - you will also increase it! Use the side slits of the handle to easily shorten the strap for deadlifts or lat-pull downs and let exercises adapt to you – not the opposite!

From an idea to 40k clients

Invented, designed and made in Italy! Since Simon Sparber, ex-gymnast and Angles90 founder, back in 2017, attached old ski stick grips to a barbell and tried doing pull-ups, we’ve built a community of almost 40,000 clients in 50+ countries.

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Great product

These are better than I expected. I'll be honest, I was skeptical at first (I'm a pessimist at heart - lol), but I was interested enough to give them a try. I opted for the buddy pack (a set for me, and a set for my trainer) He seemed pretty impressed with them on first look.

I, too, am really appreciating them for my home workouts right now. I am working on different grip pull ups, and my Inspire FT1 home gym doesn't have side grip pull up capabilities (only wide and reverse) so I use my grips and am able to work on side grip pull ups too!

They feel amazing and strong in my hands; I have smallish hands, and not very good grip strength (yet); which ever grip style I use. I'm super happy I took the chance and gave these a try. I'm still trying out different things, but over all, at this time, I am really happy with them and would definitely purchase again.

Shipping time was relatively reasonable too, considering the state of the world, and the fact that Grips is a very small company atm. I'm in Canada, and they arrived about 2 weeks after I received ship confirmation and tracking.

Time to look into other Grip products I think!


Excellent as always


Produit conforme à mes attentes..

Was a bit skeptical

I hate writing reviews
And I’m very modest. But these works very well
Fits my palms perfectly. The straps is a bit time consuming adjusting length So I bought 2 more sets. Overall very happy with this product. A bit pricey after 3 sets but worth it.

Worth it

I got them especially for my wife who has a lot joint and wrist pain. Grabbing and holding things like Lat bars was difficult and painful for her. Using these allowed an easier and more natural grip and she said it was the first time her wrists didn't hurt.