More innovative fitness products?

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  • Powrlink Sensor makes Fitness Training measurable. How strong are you really and how do you develop your power? Smooth movements along the whole range of motion or serious dents? Gain invaluable insights right at your fingertips. Now with acceleration measurement!

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  • The world's first pull-up and dip bar by Pullup & Dip, which you can use for pull-up and dip training indoor and outdoor. Just take your mobile pull-up and dip bar into the garden, the park or on the road and train with 100% flexibility at any time, any place and whatever the weather, even at home in your own home gym.

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  • The best entry into endless rope training. The revvll ONE offers continuously variable resistance for multi-purpose exercising. Its robust construction makes it perfect for rope training beginners. With a total weight of less than 5 kg it can be used almost anywhere.

    Highest quality for private users, personal trainers, and gyms, completely made in Germany.

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  • The idea of vibrating and stimulating connective tissue and muscles isn't new, but the way it is implemented in combination with a BLACKROLL, it's basically genius. It permits a significantly better metabolic situation in the muscles and connective tissue structures.

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  • The MediGun is a completely new sports and fitness massager that helps to reduce muscle fatigue, soreness, cramps and hardening. Select the appropriate speed requirement according to your needs. 4 hour battery life :15000mHA rechargeable lithium-ion battery for more than 4 hours of use. 16 mm Amplitude: The high amplitude is better suited for deep tissue massage.

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