Our day versus our DNA

It’s time to return to how our bodies were meant to lift, pull and move.

Many of us have forgotten how humans lived for millions of years:

  • We walked for hours every day
  • We climbed trees and lifted stones
  • We hunted and gathered our food
  • We relied on thousands of different biomechanical movements in order to survive

Today, things look very different. The body that evolved to be active and move regularly now sits for 8+ hours every day in the office.

If we’re lucky, we head to the gym after work and complete workouts on machines and bars that have a very narrowly defined range of motion. These static grips don’t let our bodies move the way that millions of years of evolution intended it to.

It’s no wonder that we struggle with our workouts, don’t see the results we want in the gym, and experience a higher rate of injuries. From shoulder pain to wrist and elbow problems, according to science the wrong grip position has a dramatically big impact on this.

And because we’re not working our entire body and joints efficiently, our ability to develop strength and size is sabotaged. We miss out on the effective exercise variations created by more efficient, varied grip angles.

How everything began: cut-off ski sticks!

Our vision

Angles90 changes all of that. We are here to tell the world that, unlike the stereotypical assumptions made in traditional fitness circles, a healthy, ergonomic training style can build your strength and size too - safely and in the long-run.

We’re here to take back the fitness industry from predefined “do it our way” workouts. It’s time to make strength training more natural again. It’s time to give our bodies the workouts they deserve and want after millions of years of evolution.

Our first Prototypes (indoor in Italy, outdoor in Dubai)