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A90 Full Set
A90 Full Set
A90 Full Set
A90 Full Set
A90 Full Set
A90 Full Set
A90 Full Set
A90 Full Set
A90 Full Set
A90 Full Set
A90 Full Set

A90 Full Set

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Package includes:

  • Angles90 (2 grips + 2 straps) - Joint friendlier & new stimuli
  • A90 Sling Trainer & Resistance Band -  ..everywhere
  • A90 Cable Pulley - ....with weights!
  • Exercise PDF

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Full set

Maybe a bit overpriced, the cable should be adjustable

Hello Christopher. Thank you for you feedback. There are two ways to make the cable shorter.
1. instead of using the load pin to insert weights, you can simply attach the weights directly to the cable. If that's still not short enough, you can simply make two, three or more loops around the weight plates (or other object) with the cable.
2. very simple option: the further you move away from the pulley, the shorter the rope becomes.
We see this option being used a lot when athletes want to do (almost) vertical Row's with their A90 Cable Pulley.

Nice and easy to use

I am really happy about my Angles90, they are easy to set up and it just work nicely. A good option if you do not have access to a cable machine.

Good product, poor shipping

From the day I ordered the A90 complete set until the day I received it took 35 days. I've used the set once since it came and can say I am pleased with it. For the first time I've been able to do lat pull downs since creating my home gym.
I would recommend a different shipper. DHL was slow, updates infrequent and delivery a complete surprise; despite me having signed up for ema updates. Colour me unsatisfied with DHL.

Hey David, thanks for your feedback and please apology the delay of your order, this isn't our standard and should not happen under normal circumstances.

Great add to my home-training gear

Simple but effective! Grips are just great for range of motion and mobility. The complete set makes training @home more effective and fun! 💪🏻

Angles 90

Top tools 😃